Please include in your email:



A description of what you would like to have tattooed, along with size in cm x cm and placement on the body (e.g; left outer thigh, 10x10cm)

What style of tattooing? Just linework / full colour / black and grey / dot work etc

Any reference pictures of tattoos / art you like, even a rough sketch to lay your ideas out is very helpful.

Please include a photo of the area you would like tattooed, and notify if there are any scars, moles, or stretch marks on the area as this can affect the outcome of the tattoo. 

Sometimes a consultation in person is required, I will let you know if this is the case. Consultations are free and are booked at 10am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


If your tattoo is not something I feel comfortable doing or does not fit my style (e.g; realism portraits) I will happily refer you to another competent artist. Creative freedom is very much appreciated!




Please be upfront if you have a budget and what you are willing to spend, the booking and design process will be a lot smoother and you will receive a better tattoo.

Tattoos are charged at an hourly rate of $180, with the exception of tattoos under 2 hours, which will be charged out at a fixed price. I have a full day rate of $1200


We only accept cash in the studio so please come prepared!


PLEASE NOTE all tattoo quotes are an estimate. It may change due to change of size, detail and placement. All quotes stand for 3 months. 





I work Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm.

Wait times depend on how large and complex the tattoo is. Currently my books are 3 months ahead. Please include convenient dates and times for you.

Please make sure you show up on time for your appointment, and take into account travel times, train delays, traffic etc. Make sure you are well rested, watered and fed!




All bookings require a deposit, which comes off the total cost of the tattoo.  No exceptions. You will not be charged a design or drawing fee. Deposits are between $100 - $300, $300 being for a full day booking. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and non transferable, so make sure you are 100% certain on getting tattooed. The deposit can be dropped into the studio in cash, or paid into a bank account. 

If you need to reschedule your appointment you must give at least 7 days notice, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited. Same goes if you cancel completely or do not show up to your appointment.





You will see your design on the day of your appointment. Small changes can be made to the design within reason. It is important to be accurate and detailed in your description, if I have any further questions I will email you.

You need to have a clear idea from the start, please do not keep sending reference images, adding things or changing the idea. 

If you are adamant on making extreme changes to the design, your appointment may need to be pushed back and you may be required to pay a new deposit.





You may bring a friend along to your session, just no minors please! 


Please bring snacks and drinks for your session. A big comfortable jumper/pillow is good too! You may want to bring a book/ games/ headphones to keep you distracted for moments when I really need to focus :) 


Aftercare will be explained at the end of your tattoo session and emailed to you. 


All tattoos include a free touch up session, providing you book in for the session within 3 months after getting tattooed


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email! I look forward to tattooing you! 



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